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    We Add Spice To Your Life    

The world knows India for its incredible variety of spices. Be it their irresistible aroma or the burst of flavours that seem to make the tastebuds come alive and dance, Indian spices hold a very special place in all traditional recipes.


For the makers of Pudi Ruchi, Mahadevamma and Jalaja, spices have been a way of life. Hailing from a small town in India, they hold the keys to some of the most authentic recipes that have been passed on across generations. Now, with the blessings of Sri.Gurukaribasajjaya Swamy, they bring a host of spice and best Indian chutney powders from their kitchens to your homes.


Pudi Ruchi delivers the 100% native products that are packaged to lock in all the authentic aromas and flavours. Choose from a wide range of products that make your food taste better.  Each one is freshly made with premium, locally grown ingredients.


Our natural, non-adulterated products also pack in unlimited health benefits. We combine fresh Indian spices with a lot of care to make sure that you can enjoy not just great taste but a healthier life, too.